Flo Solutions with their Korean partners supply a wide range of genuine marine and offshore equipment.

Deck Machinery: Anchor, Anchor Chain, Windlass and Winches
Cranes: Cargo Deck Crane, Hose Handling Crane and Provision Crane
Closing Appliances: Hatch Cover, Watertight Door, Weather tight Door, and Manhole & Manhole Covers
Rudder, Steering Gear & Thruster Maneuvering Systems
Ship & Offshore Piping System
Ballast System and Bilge System, Fire Fighting System
Tank Heating System and Crude Oil Washing System
Air/Sounding System, Cargo Pipe System
Inert Gas System (IGS), Cargo Tank Vent System
Valves: Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Angle Valve,Relief Pressure Valve, Duo Check Valve.

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  • Thruster Manoeuvring Systems

  • Piping Systems

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