Valves for naval, marine, gas, oil and chemical industries

Brooksbank Valves was established as and still remains, an independent family owned company in 1953, to supply the UK Navy with high quality valvGates Transparente solutions. Our reputation as a supplier of quality quickly grew and we soon served the defence industry around the world.

Experience gained in this industry has, over the decades, allowed us to serve other equally demanding industries. Industries where quality and materials such as Bronze, NiAlBr and exotic alloys like Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy and Inconel, are the first requirements when considering valve selection.

We at Brooksbank Valves have maintained our independence which, we firmly believe, allows us to be totally flexible in the way we serve our customers.

All facets of Research, Design, Manufacturing, Quality and Sales are fully integrated as one team at our own facility in “the Heart of Yorkshire”.

Our focus is on providing cost effective high quality valve solutions that solve the demands of arduous niche market applications for our discerning array of customers. Our customers are prominent in the Naval Defence, Oil & Gas, Marine, Industrial Fine Gas and Chemical markets.

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